We offer professional physiotherapy tailored to meet your demand . Our physiotherapists are available on week days evenings and weekends

Our Expert and experience physiotherapists design customized treatment plans to help you manage your condition achieve your goals and live a plain-free life

We provide a personalized and individual approach to each patient in the most flexible way

Also known as Physical therapy, physiotherapy this is the mode of treatment that does not involve use of chemicals such as those found in tablets or injections. Instead physical and mechanical entities such as the therapist’s hands, heat ice etc are used to treat ailments.

The department offers the following services:
• Exercise (well equipped Gymnasium)
• Massage
• Heat/Ice therapy
• Short Wave Diathermy
• Ultra Sound
• Ultra Violet/Infra red
• Electrical Stimulation (T.E.N.S)
• TRACTIOM (Lumbar and Cervical)
• Training good posture
• Training correct use of Orthotics and Assistive devices

Physiotherapy can be used for the following:
• To enhance beauty (body building and weight loss)
• To promote physical health and fitness
• To improve performance of physical activities
• To prevent and treat body injury and disease
• To rehabilitate the body following injury and/disease
• To manage diseases like diabetes and hypertension

You will need to visit your Physiotherapist if you have any of the following common ailments;
• Muscle fatigue and body weakness
• Back pain and Sciatica
• Neck pain and Stiffness
• Joint stiffness and arthritis
• Paralysis of the arm, fingers, face or legs
• Mechanical chest pains
• Stroke
• Post injection paralysis
• Painful scars (keloids)
• Cerebral palsy (in children)
• Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases
• Post Natal pains, paralysis and weakness
• Weight loss and physical fitness
• Muscle, ligament and tendon sprains

Your physiotherapist will receive you, carryout a comprehensive assessment and proceed to treat you in the strictest confidence and privacy according to the hospital values. Your therapist will then give you a treatment program for you to follow at home and the hospital.